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[USA / Age of Trump: Fake news, or real tripe?] We Watched the Trump Inauguration Speech So You Didn't Have To

We Watched the Trump Inauguration Speech So You Didn't Have To

by Mark Rahner • Jan 20, 2017
... At roughly 17 minutes, Trump’s nauseating address was an oral diaper bursting with lies, fearmongering, jingoism, Islamophobia, and a weird number of God references. ...
More strange stuff at the stranger

[YouTube / 777 / Water of Life / Redemption] HEAVEN OR HELL ??? (Lonnie Martin)


[Age of Trump / Islamophonia] Anti-Trump banner reading 'Bridges Not Walls' appears on Queensboro Bridge (Along with other stuff about islamophobia and similar boogeymen)

Anti-Trump banner reading 'Bridges Not Walls' appears on Queensboro Bridge

Friday, January 20, 2017
... Slogans on banners in London included “What happens next is up to us,” “Queer Solidarity Smashes Borders,” and “Unite Against Islamophobia.” ...
More Trumpophobia, with pics, at New York Daily News

[YouTube / 777 / Water of Life / Redemption] JAN 20, 2017 OUR DAILY GRACE (Lonnie Martin)


[USA / Islamophonia / SCAIRmongering in the Age of Trump] How Somali Followers of the False Prophet Are Raising a 10,000-Person 'Anti-Hate Army'

How Somali Muslims Are Raising a 10,000-Person Anti-Hate Army

Christopher Zumski Finke posted Jan 20, 2017
... Muslims expect American Islamophobia to intensify under Trump, and Somali Americans expect to be on the front line.

The Somali-American community had been the target of institutionalized Islamophobia prior to the campaign and subsequent election of Donald Trump. “The Somali community in Minnesota was at the blunt end of Islamophobia before this election,” says Hussein. ...
More SCAIRmongering in the hyphen-nation at yes! magazine

# Memories:

Authorities Release Video Of St. Cloud Mall Stabbings

# WCCO - CBS Minnesota

[UK Swamp News / Doctrines of Demons] 'UK Prevent Strategy Marginalizing and Demonizing Muslims' - Expert Says (Redundant - as they already follow allah's demonic doctrines and follow a false prophet)

'UK Prevent Strategy Marginalizing and Demonizing Muslims' - Expert Says

The UK government's strategy to counter extremism is directly targeting Muslims and needs to be re-evaluated according to Dr. Fahid Qurashi, a lecturer with the School of Law, Criminal Justice and Computing at the Canterbury Christ Church University. ...
More directly targeting those who follow the terror-casting 'god' of islam and its false prophet (made victorious through terror) at Sputnik

[YouTube / Terror Australis / Islamophilia / Hedjabbery] Vote on Billboard for Australia Day (Monarchoflos)

# Monarchoflos

[USA / Age of Trump / Great Falling Away / Mystery of Iniquity / Antichrist] Controversial Cathedral Prayer Service For Trump Inauguration Will Feature Muslim Call To Prayer

Controversial Cathedral Prayer Service For Trump Inauguration Will Feature Muslim Call To Prayer

Harry Farley Journalist 20 January 2017
A Muslim call to prayer will be heard at an interfaith service in Washington National Cathedral on Saturday to mark Donald Trump's inauguration. ...
More submission to a strange, antichrist, blasphemous, terror-casting 'god' and its false prophet at Christian Today

[UK Swamp News / Great Falling Away / Praying to strange gods - YouTube] Muslim prayer Facebook post deleted by Gloucester Cathedral

Muslim prayer Facebook post deleted by Gloucester Cathedral
... Imam Hassan, from Gloucester, read the prayer during a multi-faith exhibition.

The Very Reverend Stephen Lake, Dean of the Cathedral, said the day itself was held without problem but the Facebook post attracted "unacceptable comments". ...
More exhibiting faith in strange gods and false prophets at BBC News

islamic Call To Prayer dhimmitude in Gloucester Cathedral UK 2017-01

# Very Concerned

Trump Day Afternoon

Toronto residents heading to DC for 'Woman's March on Washington'
... “We feel that racism, sexism and islamophobia have no borders and what happens in the United States can happen here as well,” Carolyn Egan, who helped organized a trip to the Washington march for a group of Torontonians, told CP24 on Friday. ...
Trump set to enter White House with divided nation on edge
... Protesters raised the Palestinian flag and put up many slogans like “Trump, take your racism away from the Holy City”, “Our dignity is non-negotiable... Do not touch Jerusalem,” and “the whole world is moving forward but the Trump administration is moving backwards.” ...
Busload of Rochester Protesters Heading to D.C. to Oppose Trump
... "We are protesting the racisim and the Islamophobia, immigrant bashing," said Lydia Bayoneta of Rochester International Action Center. "We are in solidarity with peopel all over the world. ...
Wear hijab to protest Trump, says American actress
Lebanese-American actress Kathy Najimy wants women to wear hijab in to protest US President Donald Trump's Islamophobia. She's calling the movement "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves". ...
Why my seat at the inauguration is empty

(Barbara Lee represents California's East Bay in Congress)

Thousands of Florida activists head north for Women's March on Washington
... “We’re not out there specifically against Trump, but against racism, against sexism, against islamophobia and homophobia. And in particular, we’re out there for democracy.” ...
Madonna says Trump has done us a great service because 'we have gone as low as we can go'

(This tripe may not be published, broadcast, rewritten ...)

Trump's Age of Ignorance Threatens Humanity
... Somewhere, a measles virus cackled with glee. ...
Donald Trump’s Inauguration Becomes a Time to Protest and Plan
WASHINGTON — A group of Democratic operatives were repairing to a luxury golf resort near Miami on Friday to plot an opposition strategy to Donald J. Trump. ...
Trump's here. We have four years to write a better story
... It takes both skill and luck to bake a FailCake as bad as this, and you’ve got to do the prep work for years. Start with a racist celebrity liar. Soak him in media attention. ...
# I can't see The Guardian coming up with better tripe than this in four years time - unless they can find a measles virus cackling with glee

[YouTube / 777 / Whining while muslim / SCAIRmongering in the Age of Trump] Is Franklin Graham an Islamophobe? (A Response to CAIR and the Huffington Post)

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Friday, 20 January 2017

[USA / Age of Trump / Great Falling Away] Why Some Christians Will Be Praying (In Jesus' Name?) At Moskes During Trump's Inauguration

Why Some Christians Will Be Praying At Mosques During Trump's Inauguration

Antonia Blumberg
.. Los Angeles-based faith group Progressive Christians Uniting announced the initiative to its network in a newsletter in early January. At least seven independent groups of Christians and other concerned citizens throughout California will be joining Muslims in prayer as President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office, the organization said in a press release. ...
More praying to whom (or to what) and in whose name (there being one mediator between God and man - Jesus Christ) at Huffington Post

[Terror Australis / NSW / Liverpool: False christs and false prophets will arise and deceive many - do not be deceived!] FALSE PROPHET MOHAMMED DAY | Dispelling the 'myths', promoting true islam (which is falser and more blasphemous than false islam - having an additional false messiah)

PROPHET MUHAMMAD DAY | Dispelling the myths, promoting true Islam

By Saleha Sahu Khan
19 Jan 2017
A Prophet Muhammad Day function was held by the Islamic society, Ahmadiyya Isha’at e Islam Lahore Australia, last Saturday night, January 14, in conjunction with the prophet’s birthday. ...
... The mayor addressed everyone and noted the interesting balance of multicultural communities – 20 per cent of our local community is Muslim. She said Liverpool was on its way to becoming Sydney’s third and members of diverse communities and cultures play a significant economic role in the community.

Zafrullah Sahu Khan presented a hymn praising the prophet Muhammad. ...
More false prophetry and pride coming before a fall at Liverpool City Champion

Matthew 24:24
For there will rise up false Christs and false prophets, displaying wonderful signs and prodigies, so as to deceive, were it possible, even God's own People.

[Terror Australis / Driving while muslim?] Terror Attack in Australia? Driver Plows Vehicle into Pedestrians in Melbourne

Terror Attack in Australia? Driver Plows Vehicle into Pedestrians in Melbourne

By Patrick Poole January 19, 2017
Breaking news out of Melbourne, Australia, that at least three people have died after a man plowed a vehicle into a group of pedestrians near a shopping mall.

According to one witness, the driver was screaming, "Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar!" ...
More on the witness report at PJ Media

Eyewitness: Melbourne CBD mall ram raid driver screamed 'Allahu Akbar'

# The Caleb Report

[USA / Followers of the false prophet play victim card after their own tactic is used on them] Texas representative sends letter to "Islamic Leaders" surveying beliefs

Texas representative sends letter to "Islamic Leaders" surveying beliefs

Sarah Hoye , WFAA
January 19, 2017
... “It’s reminiscent of literacy tests African-Americans faced back in the Jim Crow days,” said Alia Salem, executive director for the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter of CAIR. “I’m not outraged. This is old hat stuff for the Muslim community.” ...
More scairmongering at WFAA


Islamic Society of East Bay Hosts Candidates’ Forum

By AbdusSattarGhazali
... The candidates explained what they will do for the betterment of Fremont people if they were elected. Many from the audience asked questions about their programs.

Sameena Usman, CAIR’s Government Relations Coordinator, was the moderator of the forum. CAIR-CA director Zahra Billoo was also present.

The ISEB candidates’ forum was part of the CAIR-CA effort to motivate Muslim voters. It held a similar forum on Saturday, October 15, at Yaseen Burlingame Center, Burlingame while yet another forum is scheduled for October 22 at the Muslim Community Center of the East Bay Pleasanton.

In addition to these events CAIR staff and volunteers can be found registering voters at Friday prayers. ...
GOP Rep Uses 'Loyalty Pledge' to Intimidate Texas Muslims Before CAIR Capitol Day

# I Hooper